Software Quality Assurance Audit

von itsbusiness AG

Companies can really benefit from implementing an independent QA audit based on TMMI, CMMI and itsbusiness AG have more than 20 years’ experience in different industries.

Performing an audit and implementing the recommendations will result in improvements in the Process and reduce Risk for software development.

This audit will have the maximum effect at the start of a project but is still extremely useful during the development phase. We perform audits, both for projects and for whole organizations. The audit starts with a Target Analysis, generating Decision Options (actions) and following up with full support for Implementation of these actions.

Target Analysis

At itsbusiness AG, we have developed a guided questionnaire to target/analyse a project/organisation based on CMMI, TMMI and ISO Standards. We consider the customer's business objectives and derive from them the key elements of software quality assurance specific to that customer. We conduct the initial evaluation with short interviews.

Our experts evaluate and analyse your answers and produce a customer specific action plan with options which will improve software QA in your organisation.

Decision Options

We will present the results of the analysis and the options for action, provide a plan of how to implement the actions (with priorities) regarding the implementation. Importantly we will define the goals and expected results from executing the actions.


Itsbusiness provides full support for implementation of the measures which the customer decides to take on. This includes: Project Management; Planning; Technical Support; Training; and Procurement of new Tools/Software.


If you have questions or need more information, please contact:

Andrew Connell
QA Consultant, itsbusiness AG​


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