Automated Bluetooth Testing and device stability

by itsbusiness AG

Stability of your Bluetooth-enabled device

Bluetooth enabled devices can experience stability problems which occur intermittently, and this makes them:

  • difficult to find during manual testing
  • difficult diagnose manually
  • time consuming and therefore expensive to fix
  • bad for customer experience if these problems are present in released devices

Automated testing is a good way to detect device stability problems because:

  • tests can be run repeatedly at no extra cost to find intermittent problems
  • the tests can be run without manual effort
  • they support the fulfilment of standards/norms for International Standard IEC 62304

The Bluetooth Testing Framework is a good solution for automated testing of Bluetooth enabled devices:

  • it provides a stable Bluetooth testing platform
  • regression tests can be created which exercise all the functions of a device
  • tests can be scheduled to run automatically at any time (overnight / weekend), as part of a CI system
  • reporting provides vital information for diagnosing problems
  • device logs of Bluetooth messages are recorded.

Testing using the Bluetooth Testing Framework will:

  • help you diagnose difficult to find device problems
  • provide you with confidence that your device is stable
  • save money on manual testing
  • produce a product of better quality.

Testing a bluetooth enabled device - an example

As an example, testing for a Bluetooth enabled temperature sensor consisted of a set of thirty regression tests. When these tests were run, most of the time all of them passed but occasionally a test would fail, and it would be a different test failing each time. Upon investigation of the test reports, the problem was determined to be with the processing in the temperature sensor. When these problems were fixed the automated regression testing was stable and all tests passed.


If you have questions or need more information, please contact:

Andrew Connell
Test Automation Expert, itsbusiness AG​

+41 31 370 32 05​

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