Building Resilience: Strengthening Cyber Security through Software Quality Assurance

by itsbusiness AG

Software Quality is an important component of cyber security and makes you better prepared for possible problems. Good quality software is more resilient against cyber-attacks.

Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality assurance is an additional layer of protection, ensuring the quality and security of the product and making it more resilient to cyber-attack. SQA helps to identify and resolve risks or vulnerabilities that exist in the system in order to reduce the chance of security breaches or failures.

Building resilience with SQA:

  • Early detection. QA detects several security vulnerabilities early in the software development process, reducing the risk. This minimizes the impact of cyber-attacks.
  • Risk mitigation. By identifying and resolving potential security issues through regular testing, vulnerability assessments, security audits, and system monitoring, SQA helps prevent security breaches and lowers the possibility of cyber-attacks and the damage they may cause.
  • Security testing. Helps to ensure that the software is compliant with industry standards and best practices for security.
  • Testing Supplier Software. This can also have vulnerabilities which are often overlooked.
  • Vulnerability scanning. Vulnerability scanning is the process where the SQA team finds security problems in computer systems and software to protect against any security issues.
  • Penetration Testing: This type of testing is the authorized attack on the system to evaluate the overall security of the system. Performed by specialists in this field.
  • Maintenance: Keep the system secure by keeping it up-to-date and constantly maintaining and improving it.
  • Continuous Monitoring. Help ensure the system is protected from any new forms of threat. For example using security measures like putting API limits, setting up firewalls, etc.
  • Test Environment. This has to be controlled carefully to prevent vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks

Help identify the risks and vulnerabilities in your software with our Software QA Health Check.

We ask you 15 questions from our extensive questionnaire and analyse your answers to give you an overview of the state of your processes.

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