Enhancing Cyber Security: The Vital Role of Testing and Risk Mitigation Strategies

by itsbusiness AG

Testing is an important strategy for Cyber Security. There are a number of topics which must be considered to reduce the possibility of cyber intrusions into your systems via test environments.

  • Test Architecture. This must not be left open to attack, allowing a back door to the live systems.
  • Test Environment. It is important to have a well-designed test environment which is completely separate from the live system, so that any vulnerabilities here cannot be exploited by cyber-attack.
  • Risk. A full risk assessment of possible weaknesses in security should be carried out.
  • Supplier Software. This is an often-used way to exploit system, you need to be aware of cyber-security vulnerabilities in supplier software you use and mitigate for these.
  • Test Data. This data should be synthetic or anonymised. Never use real customer data, it could be stolen from the test system.
  • Test Organisation. External testers are often used, they should only have access to the test environments.
  • Testing. A well tested system has better quality and will be more resistant to cyber-intrusion.

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