The Essential Components of a Successful Test Concept

by itsbusiness AG

A Test Concept describes the necessary process-related and technical information from planning to execution and reporting within the scope of testing. The resources required, both test environments and people should be stated.

Major elements of a test concept

  • Test strategy, including a list of the major functionality to be covered.
  • Roles and responsibilities, listing the actual staff.
  • Infrastructure, including test environments and data.
  • Development procedure and elements to be tested.
  • Test case creation
  • Test case execution
  • defect handling

Key success factors for testing

A Test Concept should be created before the development process starts to derive the maximum efficiency during the project lifecycle.

Key success factors are:

  • A clear definition of the Quality Acceptance goals at the start of the project.
  • Identification of core business processes which are impacted by the project, to determine which parts of the software are key parts of the system.
  • Good quality inputs, in the form of the requirements of the system.
  • An independent Quality Assurance resource.
  • Determining the scope of testing, i.e., define what is being tested and how it will be tested.
  • A clear definition of defect categories.
  • Determination of the resources required.
  • Assigning appropriate resources, such as subject matter experts and experienced testers.
  • An experienced Test Manager to monitor and control the process.
  • A Work Management Tool for capturing requirements, test cases, defects, and reporting.

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