Bluetooth Testing Framework

Bluetooth devices, which are mainly used in the medical field and comply with the International Standard IEC 62304, must meet a certain level of quality, safety and reliability.

To this end, it is important that the firmware controlling this device is rigorously tested (100% code coverage desired) during the development phase. If a malfunction of the software is not detected by the time the product is released and patients are harmed as a result, the damage to the company's reputation can be serious.

The Bluetooth Testing Framework of itsbusiness AG is dedicated to this challenge and offers the development departments a tool for the early detection of errors and the simultaneous reduction of costs.

What does the BT framework contain?

The framework contains a precisely defined set of regression tests, which ensures that the firmware does not contain fundamental errors and has a certain stability before it is released to the testing department. The regression tests can be performed automatically as part of a CI (Continuous Integration) system.

How is this achieved?

The Bluetooth Testing Framework is defined by an application that enables the following:

  • Definition of Bluetooth messages
  • Processing of communication of Bluetooth messages to devices
  • Creating tests using the messages
  • Automated execution of tests
  • Generation of test reports by combining test results from individual tests

What is the process for implementation?

The implementation process including the installation of the framework, the integration with the CI System, the definition of the test cases and the implementation in the productive environment is shown in the following figure:

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